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Judicial Overreach

This is in response to Joshua T. Kaleel’s letter of April 30. There shouldn’t be a problem with the judiciary interpreting the Constitution to expand people’s rights based on principles of equity and fairness even interpreting family law attorneys st petersburg fl. The Supreme Court is supposed to be the ultimate interpreter of justice, so if a state law is curtailing people’s rights or a case merits it, why shouldn’t the court have the authority to overturn the state law or declare the right based on those principles? I can’t imagine an instance where the Supreme Court should not have the authority to expand people’s rights by overturning a state law or if the case merits it based on other principles. The history of our republic is filled with instances when the Supreme Court has stepped in to expand people’s rights when the Legislature has been unresponsive. This has been a very good thing in furtherance of the ideals of justice, liberty and truth. Remember if you need a child custody attorney or to hire a competent individual, please click here.

Callahan is asking for one more chance

Pursuant to Rule 3.7.10, William Scott Callahan has petitioned the Supreme Court for Bar reinstatement.  Callahan was suspended for one-year, effective April 20, 2017, for violation of the following Rules Regulating The Florida Bar: Rule 4-1.16 (Declining or Terminating Representation); Rule 4-4.1 (Truthfulness in Statements to Others); and Rule 4-8 4(c) (Misconduct–a lawyer shall not engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceipt, or misrepresentation).  The best divorce attorneys st petersburg fl are very hard to find.  That’s why you can’t make mistakes, that might lead someone to trust and hire a St. Petersburg Uncontested Divorce Document Preparation company.

US Magistrate/Judge needed in Pensacola

The Judicial Conference of the United States is expected to authorize the appointment of a full-time U.S. Magistrate judge for the Northern District of Florida at the Pensacola division.  The position is expected to be available starting March 3, 2019.  The U.S. District Court is required by law to establish a panel of citizens to consider the appointment of the magistrate judge to an eight-year term.  A full public notice of the magistrate judge position is posted in the Office of the Clerk of the Court at all four divisional offices of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida and on the court’s website at  It is understood, that the best clearwater divorce attorney may often be the first person to look at.

Rental Car Insurance Made Easy

Understand Your options before you approach the counter

If you’ve ever rented a car or truck

You’ve probably felt uncertain when the agent asked if you want to decline insurance.  You can avoid any sense of doubt with some planning and quick inquiries about your existing insurance coverage.  If you already have auto insurance, it’s likely you may be able to waive many of those insurance riders when you are at the counter.  Do not be fooled!  Here’s how to be sure.

Check your auto Policy

Call your insurance company to ask what type of coverage for rental cars is already included in your regular auto insurance.  Typically, your personal car insurance policy can cover you if the rented vehicle is of comparable value.  So, if you’re off to a blowout beach weekend in a slick set of wheels like a corvette stingray, and leaving your 2008 Subaru Forester at home, the extra coverage offered by the rental company may be a good idea.

Look into the Benefits of Your Credit Card

Your consumer credit card also is likely to provide insurance, but in many cases it’s secondary, covering only what your car insurance policy does not.  However, the credit card may not cover all possible damages: check with the issuing company in advance.

Know What the Rental Car Company is Offering

Most rental companies typically have a short, predictable suite of offerings.  Check your auto insurance policy to make sure you’re already properly covered and you may be able to decline the offered coverage at the rental counter.


Your Counselor

An average counselor

When I was a young boy, friends would ask, what does your dad do? I was so proud to answer: My dad is a lawyer. Even back then, I saw positive, the lawyer can make on the life of another, and then I chose to become a lawyer because of the important role we play in a Democratic Society. We do so much more than a job. The profession that the man who exercised independent judgment, works for the people, and the powers of government. What lawyers do really matters: work to protect their most valued resource; help the injured people recover from the wrongs inflicted upon them. Help rid our streets of criminals. Open the rights of the innocent. Assist business to grow and create jobs. Self development come out of the ground list goes on. It doesn’t get much more important than that, does it yes we know we like it and shipping times. An influx and the demand for legal work is changing. Pricing pressure from clients come and take me the marketplace at a rapid rate.  A talented St. Petersburg Divorce Attorney can’t work for free.  It’s hard to conceive and discuss how we do it?  As people, we are duty-bound to service our clients, and that’s why they can change the world. As a navigate to sometimes, ethical rules, how we must behave and our commitment to professionalism, superior Court as true today as it was a century ago, our clients, the consumers family lawyers for delivery, and to provide honest and competent advice.  Be careful when hiring an  attorney in the  Saint Petersburg Florida focused and determined.  You’re not always cheap, we’re not donations,  and enormous value we bring to merely providing Legal Information rather than a form.  You may attempt to get a family law attorney st petersburg fl, or you may opt to hire a document preparation company.  I would choose the former.  The counselor at law is Paramount and it is our professionalism that distinguishes us from I remember a time when our business cards also counselor at law. Professionalism was advocating actively, keeping confidential, unlike today, where financial  interest with civility practicing law with honesty and integrity trumps almost everything. With them to their clients is unique set of circumstances. Professionalism is what makes being loyal more than the job. Impressionism is why we will always be needed and relevant in our society. The difference once a plea setting the stage please do not confuse your Google search with my law degree being a lawyer is truly a higher calling.



To be qualified, a parenting coordinator must meet one of the following professional requirements: pay a licensed mental health professional under Florida Statute 490; obtain a license with certification by the American Board of Psychiatry and neurology; become a certified family mediator, with at least a master’s degree in the mental health field; or a member of the Florida bar ( in good standing; and to complete all the following: within 3 years of post licensure or post certification practice; and be a certified mediation training program, and have 24 hours of parenting coordinator coordination training with curriculum as listed in the statue.  The individual also, must be in good standing, and maintain their licensure in active status, be a competent patient pinellas county in Florida child custody attorney with his or her respective licensing Authority, certification board, or both, as applicable. The court may require additional qualifications to address issues specific to the party.

Effective January 2010 Florida Supreme Court in re: amendments to the Florida family law rules of procedure, 27 so. 3d 650 Florida 2010, decided to create a new 12.742 and new form 12.98 response by parenting coordinator, and 12.996, Order of referral to Parenting coordinator. Per Subsection D, the new rule requires the parenting coordinator follow respond to the first annual compliance with the 12.984, which ensured that late person serving as parenting coordinators are familiar with the statute, the rule, and the order of referral to the parenting coordinator.


There are two ways a parent coordinator may report an emergency situation: (1) ex parte or affidavit or verified report that a child will suffer abuse, neglect or abandonment and provided in chapter 39; or be a vulnerable adult to suffer abuse, neglect or abandonment as provided in Chapter 39  and Chapter 415; or will cause death to a party, or someone harassing the parties that have on many occasions warned the police.  Also, if it is expected that a parenting coordinator decided the move was wrongfully removing a child from his or her jurisdiction, it can be reported.  Any reoccurring domestic violence; or 2, if with notice by affidavit or verified report, if a party obtains a final order or injunction for protection against domestic violence or is arrested for an act of domestic violence per Chapter 741.

Fees and Costs

The parties must have Financial ability to pay for parents coordination. The factors for the court to consider is: one each party’s Financial circumstances and, including income, assets, liabilities, financial obligations, resources, and (2) whether paying would create a substantial hardship.  Allocation shall be made between the parties.

Do not wait to hire an attorney, or parenting coordinator if you feel it is necessary.  Do what you feel is right, but also protect yourself and your children from any harm you see coming.  Please click here if you need more information.