Rental Car Insurance Made Easy

Understand Your options before you approach the counter

If you’ve ever rented a car or truck

You’ve probably felt uncertain when the agent asked if you want to decline insurance.  You can avoid any sense of doubt with some planning and quick inquiries about your existing insurance coverage.  If you already have auto insurance, it’s likely you may be able to waive many of those insurance riders when you are at the counter.  Do not be fooled!  Here’s how to be sure.

Check your auto Policy

Call your insurance company to ask what type of coverage for rental cars is already included in your regular auto insurance.  Typically, your personal car insurance policy can cover you if the rented vehicle is of comparable value.  So, if you’re off to a blowout beach weekend in a slick set of wheels like a corvette stingray, and leaving your 2008 Subaru Forester at home, the extra coverage offered by the rental company may be a good idea.

Look into the Benefits of Your Credit Card

Your consumer credit card also is likely to provide insurance, but in many cases it’s secondary, covering only what your car insurance policy does not.  However, the credit card may not cover all possible damages: check with the issuing company in advance.

Know What the Rental Car Company is Offering

Most rental companies typically have a short, predictable suite of offerings.  Check your auto insurance policy to make sure you’re already properly covered and you may be able to decline the offered coverage at the rental counter.