To be qualified, a parenting coordinator must meet one of the following professional requirements: pay a licensed mental health professional under Florida Statute 490; obtain a license with certification by the American Board of Psychiatry and neurology; become a certified family mediator, with at least a master’s degree in the mental health field; or a member of the Florida bar (http://www.largofamilylaw.info/) in good standing; and to complete all the following: within 3 years of post licensure or post certification practice; and be a certified mediation training program, and have 24 hours of parenting coordinator coordination training with curriculum as listed in the statue.  The individual also, must be in good standing, and maintain their licensure in active status, be a competent patient pinellas county in Florida child custody attorney with his or her respective licensing Authority, certification board, or both, as applicable. The court may require additional qualifications to address issues specific to the party.

Effective January 2010 Florida Supreme Court in re: amendments to the Florida family law rules of procedure, 27 so. 3d 650 Florida 2010, decided to create a new 12.742 and new form 12.98 response by parenting coordinator, and 12.996, Order of referral to Parenting coordinator. Per Subsection D, the new rule requires the parenting coordinator follow respond to the first annual compliance with the 12.984, which ensured that late person serving as parenting coordinators are familiar with the statute, the rule, and the order of referral to the parenting coordinator.


There are two ways a parent coordinator may report an emergency situation: (1) ex parte or affidavit or verified report that a child will suffer abuse, neglect or abandonment and provided in chapter 39; or be a vulnerable adult to suffer abuse, neglect or abandonment as provided in Chapter 39  and Chapter 415; or will cause death to a party, or someone harassing the parties that have on many occasions warned the police.  Also, if it is expected that a parenting coordinator decided the move was wrongfully removing a child from his or her jurisdiction, it can be reported.  Any reoccurring domestic violence; or 2, if with notice by affidavit or verified report, if a party obtains a final order or injunction for protection against domestic violence or is arrested for an act of domestic violence per Chapter 741.

Fees and Costs

The parties must have Financial ability to pay for parents coordination. The factors for the court to consider is: one each party’s Financial circumstances and, including income, assets, liabilities, financial obligations, resources, and (2) whether paying would create a substantial hardship.  Allocation shall be made between the parties.

Do not wait to hire an attorney, or parenting coordinator if you feel it is necessary.  Do what you feel is right, but also protect yourself and your children from any harm you see coming.  Please click here if you need more information.