Judicial Overreach

This is in response to Joshua T. Kaleel’s letter of April 30. There shouldn’t be a problem with the judiciary interpreting the Constitution to expand people’s rights based on principles of equity and fairness even interpreting family law attorneys st petersburg fl. The Supreme Court is supposed to be the ultimate interpreter of justice, so if a state law is curtailing people’s rights or a case merits it, why shouldn’t the court have the authority to overturn the state law or declare the right based on those principles? I can’t imagine an instance where the Supreme Court should not have the authority to expand people’s rights by overturning a state law or if the case merits it based on other principles. The history of our republic is filled with instances when the Supreme Court has stepped in to expand people’s rights when the Legislature has been unresponsive. This has been a very good thing in furtherance of the ideals of justice, liberty and truth. Remember if you need a child custody attorney or to hire a competent individual, please click here.